Nolan Centenary Update II

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Born 22 April 1917, the centenary of Sidney Nolan’s birth is fast approaching and it is pleasing to note that plans, at least in the UK, are well afoot and publicised. Details may be seen on the Centenary page on the Sidney Nolan Trust website.

aCOMMENT is maintaining a new dedicated website on which are listed all planned activities when announced.

The Nolan 100 is a growing online collection of images of Sidney Nolan’s works selected by collectors, artists, curators, critics, friends and family. Each image has a particular poignancy or significance to its selector, articulated with a short piece of text. The Nolan 100 images are viewable on the Sidney Nolan Trust website and Instagram feed.

To date there has been little, if indeed anything, announced regarding Australia. In December 2015 aCOMMENT posted an article suggesting a symposium and book. The post was broadcast quite widely but received little response  – certainly none from those in positions of influence within the institutional and publishing community.

The time required for a book has well gone, however during 2017 the NolanCentenary website will host online Nolan tributes prepared along the lines suggested in the earlier article. These will constitute A Centenary Tribute, Sidney Nolan: Imagining in Excited Reverie.


Mock-up for cover of proposed Nolan centenary tribute book. The painting is Nolan's 1948 "Orphée", collection NGA.

Image for proposed Nolan centenary tribute. The painting is Nolan’s 1948 “Orphée”, collection NGA.

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