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aCOMMENT on Judith White’s “Culture Heist: Art versus Money”

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I first saw a photo of the classical revival built courthouse in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland some years ago when researching the convict John Graham.1 Since then I’ve entered the Art Gallery of New South Wales many times without realising just how closely its portico and pediment resemble the facade of the imposing Dundalk Courthouse. This marked resemblance first struck me on seeing the ominous cover of Judith White’s book Culture Heist, just published by Brandl &...

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The Beckoning

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THE BECKONING – a short story blending fact and fiction – <>  <>  <> Their honeymoon began rather ordinarily.  They’d had to wait a week which didn’t please her any more than him, but she’d never been much good at maths and had got the dates wrong. Then there was the train trip.  Why train for goodness sake, she would ask her visitors years later, why not a hire car?  The question betrayed her wavering state of mind and her scant recall of how few...

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Whilst preparing a Malley-related item for my Mallacoota Musings on this website, I discovered that a Malley event is scheduled for this week’s South Australian History Festival. Inspired by yet more Malley activity, I decided to include my latest Mallacoota Musing as a separate Malley posting.  Here it is. MALLEYCOOTA? Mallacoota’s link to verse is well known courtesy of E. J. (Ted) Brady with his many books of poetry and his writer’s camp up on Captain Stephenson’s...

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