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Parables of Sunlight: Sidney Nolan – the Religious, the Sublime and the Divine in his painting

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This is a transcript of a lecture given by David Rainey on 25 July 2018 at the Anglican church of St. Mary-in-the-Valley, Canberra. It  includes full references not given in the presentation. Nolan’s own words are frequently quoted and in this transcript are shown in bold. Please NOTE that the text remains as spoken and consequently follows, rather than precedes, the image to which it relates. Good evening all. Thank you for coming out on such a cold night – especially those of...

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Ned and Sid, Sublime at AGWA

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David Rainey’s preview of the upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia of Sidney Nolan’s 26 Ned Kelly paintings from The National Gallery of Australia, has been written especially for SeeSaw, the Perth-based Arts Alert, Preview and Review website Ned and Sid, Sublime at AGWA Ned Kelly is visiting the Art Gallery of Western Australia; or to be more precise, twenty six Kelly-themed paintings are making their first visit to the...

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