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vale Mary Nolan

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With sadness aCOMMENT records the death of Lady Mary Nolan at her home The Rodd on the border of England and Wales on 6 April 2016. She was 89. Sidney Nolan’s third wife, he her second husband, her death has brought forth tributes aplenty many of which lament her passing in terms such as “a door has been closed” and “the light goes out”. On 26 April, four days after Nolan would have turned 99, she was laid to rest with him in Highgate Cemetery East beneath the...

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you, Lady, are the Tree: Nolan’s annunciation

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This evocative little image in gentle blues, whites and pinks set against the bold black outlining, is the first painting by Nolan reproduced in print. Inscribed Garden of Eden, it appeared as Woman and Tree in the 2nd edition of Angry Penguins which went to print in August 1941 when still produced in Adelaide with Max Harris the sole editor. A few weeks later, again titled Woman and Tree, it was included in the 3rd annual exhibition of the Contemporary Art...

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