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Ned and Sid, Sublime at AGWA

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David Rainey’s preview of the upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia of Sidney Nolan’s 26 Ned Kelly paintings from The National Gallery of Australia, has been written especially for SeeSaw, the Perth-based Arts Alert, Preview and Review website Ned and Sid, Sublime at AGWA Ned Kelly is visiting the Art Gallery of Western Australia; or to be more precise, twenty six Kelly-themed paintings are making their first visit to the...

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Scabby Days

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Mt Scabby, at 1790m among the highest of ACT peaks, lies on the border with New South Wales in a remote region of the Namadgi and Kosciuszko National Parks. Less a peak than a flat U-shaped plateau, it is here the Cotter River begins to flow – its three dams supplying Canberra’s water.   A long one day walk from vehicular access, another to return, Scabby receives relatively few visitors. The effort though has its rewards – like the occasion two wedge tail eagles circled in...

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Nolan Centenary Update IV

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What a pleasure to advise that a Nolan exhibition curated especially for his Centenary year, the first such in Australia, is about to open in MELBOURNE. Sidney Nolan: the Greek Series launches at the Hellenic Museum on 24 August 2017 and runs until 31 October. For more details check the website here. Another first, at least to my knowledge, is a recourse to crowdfunding which serves to highlight the parlous state of Arts funding. However it does give to all reading this, the opportunity to put...

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Auction of significant Nolan painting

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How many paintings in total did Nolan create? Estimates vary widely …. 10,000?  30,000? …. who knows, he was nothing if not prolific. Whatever the number, few 20th century ‘name’ painters likely sold more works from a gallery wall than did Sidney Nolan. The very first of these will go to auction in Melbourne tomorrow 10 August 2017. Remarkably, the fact that Lot 30 was Nolan’s first commercial sale is not mentioned in the Menzies catalogue. Swamp is one of twelve...

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aCOMMENT on Judith White’s “Culture Heist: Art versus Money”

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I first saw a photo of the classical revival built courthouse in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland some years ago when researching the convict John Graham.1 Since then I’ve entered the Art Gallery of New South Wales many times without realising just how closely its portico and pediment resemble the facade of the imposing Dundalk Courthouse. This marked resemblance first struck me on seeing the ominous cover of Judith White’s book Culture Heist, just published by Brandl &...

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